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We at Harry Miller Sales, as Manufacturer's reps, offer a practical, cost-effective alternative to building a direct in-house sales force for many young and growing companies. But doesn't exclude the well established brands in our industry, as we can offer a "Fresh Look" as to how rep agencies can work, and demonstrate why we at HMS are different.

There are scores of rep firms for the Performance and Racing market in North America, most selling to targeted markets, in select specific states and regions. Reps know their markets well because they call on the local buyers regularly and have established sound working relationships with them.  We are the same, but we're not afraid to break new ground and call on companies that can help grow a brand we represent.  Meaning... we call on larger distributor's customers as well, which results in support throughout the entire distribution channel. (click here to see "
Who We Visit")

Remember, using a manufacturer rep agency, like HMS, can provide you with many of the benefits of having a satellite office, in the exact location your company wants to be in.  You can have rapid access to large accounts without your incurring large fixed costs and ultimately reach those retail outlets that you need to grow.

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